Carruthers AE 5000
AE 5000 Dicers/Slicers
Marlen Opti Series Pumps
Opti Series Pump
Marlen Food Processing Oven
Food Processing Oven
Marlen Blast Chill Cell
Blast Chill Cell
Carruthers Pak Fillers
Pak Fillers
Carruthers Cubing Carruthers Cubing Carruthers Slicing Carruthers Cubing
Marlen Pumping Marlen Pumping Marlen Pumping Marlen Pumping
Marlen Cooking Marlen Cooking
Marlen Chilling Marlen Chilling
Carruthers Filling Carruthers Filling

Marlen International is recognized as a leading provider of innovative food processing equipment for a variety of products including meat, poultry, pet food, fish, vegetables, fruit, bakery, confectioneries, snacks and dairy goods. Marlen International products are sold in many countries under the brand names Marlen and Carruthers and are used for pumping, portioning, filling, dicing, grinding, slicing, shredding, chilling and cooking food.

Marlen International's highly engineered products, replacement parts, and field services have been used by blue chip food processors for more than half a century. We provide our Customers a team of engineering, design and technical personnel that are available to assist in the planning and implementation of complete processing systems. Together we can help you get the solution you need.

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Marlen International, Inc., a top global manufacturer of food processing equipment and systems, announces the appointment of Kevin Howard to vice president of sales.

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Dr. Schrader to Present Manufacturing of Natural & Organic Jerky Pet Treats

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Marlen International will be exhibiting at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2015, booth number 7537 B.

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